How To Convert 72 DPI To 300 DPI

Image sizing is relatively simple and straightforward. Although having said that, there are the key aspects that you should have a basic understanding on to ensure the quality of the result. Knowing the fundamentals of resolution measurements and learning how to set 300dpi are the must-have know-how and skill. It …

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Review: Nikon 17-35 vs 16-35 Comparison

Nikon 17-35mm is well known for its performance in low-light situations. Nikon 16-35mm is typically known as the best for cropping. All photographers, it does not matter wannabes, newbies or oldies, are going crazy of these 2 infamous lenses. What else can you know about them? In this article, we …

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VR Lens vs non VR Lens Super Detail Comparison!

If you are new for photography, you may don’t know what is the different between VR lens and non-VR lens, what are their definition, how we can use these lens in our photography job. In this post, I will help you to understand clearly about them: VR vs non-VR lens. …

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Best Cheap 95mm UV Filter for Your Camera 2016

Nice day my friends, are you finding for the best & cheap 95 mm UV filter for your camera? Come to good place, in this post, I will help you to choose the best 95mm UV filter! Best Cheap 95mm UV Filter for Your Camera 2016 1. The cheap one: Tronixpro …

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