How a 360 degree camera work in simple to understand?

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2016 is the year of virtual reality technology, we have been introduced 360-degree camera, 360-degree video, 360-degree glass, 360-degree game and app … With no doubt, Virtual reality will be the technology of future, and I think that we need to understand a little bit about this field to get up-to-date with the news as well as apply the cut of the edge technology in our life. Yep, you may hear a lot about virtual reality but almost all of us think that it is so complex and difficult to understand, thus, we don’t pay more attention to this dream technology. And I have to tell you that, this is the biggest mistake of us:

Scare what we can’t control!

So in this post, in a very short talk, I will introduce with you how a 360-degree camera work in the most simple and easy way! Let’s start!

In fact, to create a professional 360-degree video, we have to do a ton of works, however, to keep everything simple, I just wrap them up into 3 simple steps to create the most simple video that works! All of the accessories and extra tasks will be remove for you 😀

A 360-degree camera works in 3 steps bellow:

You can see to 3 steps bellow to know how a 360-degree camera work:

Step1: Record common video

Yep, the fist thing to create a 360-degree video is recorded common videos first. By using a set of similar cameras with very good image quality and wide angle lenses we can record some extremely good quality videos. There are many camera sets can do this, you can follow this post to know about how to record 360-degree video in easy. But the main thing is that you have to use the same kind of camera to ensure that all of the videos are in the same frame and best quality as possible.

how a 360 degree camera works

how a 360-degree camera works

Besides, you can just buy a 360-degree camera to record 360-degree video immediately without setup the camera lens. There are many kinds of camera that you can choose base on your interest as well as budget. You can read a 360-degree camera review to learn how many kinds of camera as well as the pros and cons of each type. This is the first step of how a 360 degree camera works!

Step2: Create 360-degree video 

Yep, with the previous step, you have already created some common videos and now we need to convert it into a 360-degree format. By using the special software we can stick various common video into only one! The final result is a high quality and panoramic video!

With the 4K resolution, your video becomes like a real and describe perfectly the real world that you can’t imagine.  The process of constructing 360-degree video needs a powerful computer which has a cut-of-the-edge CPU ( People often use Intel core i7), a large RAM from 32GB, SSD disk with allowing maximum speed is 20 times faster than common. Finally, we need a powerful VGA cardboard to help computer analyze the data from many videos in the same time.

how a 360 degree camera works 3

how a 360 degree camera works 3


You can understand that in this process, we stick all of the previous common video into 1 and paste it again and again. The final result is a big video with a lot of layers, each layer is a common video.

The time to finish this task is various. If your cam is too good and its video is in high quality so we need more time to let computer stick everything. If you configure to export videos at an acceptable quality, this process will happen faster.

Step3: Play 360 degree video

Yep, we already have the product: a 360 degree video so now is the time to enjoy it. Yeah, see how pro we are by creating this.

In fact, you can’t run a 360 degree video on a common media player like VLC player, KMP player or Windows media player, you need a special software to play it. I suggest you some best way to play 360 degree video:

  • Youtube player
  • Adobe Flash player
  • Some special app on smartphones
  • ……………

However, before you play any 360 degree video, I need to say that: Like above I said, a 360 degree video is made from many common videos, we can call it all compress of multi video layers, therefore not only creating it but playing it need a powerful hardware. If not, there will be a lot of crash and lag during the process, and the video can not show how interactive it is. This is the final step of how a 360 degree camera work, so if you want to enjoy the video, be careful with my notices.



Done! Above is the simple explain of how a 360 degree camera work and how we can create a 360 degree video as well as play it. I hope that with my simple post, you can have a some basic knowledge about 360 degrees as well as virtual reality technology. If you have any question that my blog hasn’t tell about, comment here I will answer you soon. Thanks for reading!

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