How to Become an Elopement Photographer

Many couples choose to elope in search for a more intimate and meaningful wedding experience than one crowded with hundreds of people. It is no surprise that lavish weddings are on their way out, and elopements are on the rise. Elopements have become a norm these past few years as more and more couples have a deep desire for adventure, documentation, and photography; ergo, the number of elopement photographers is also increasing exponentially. 

Whether you’re new to photography or a veteran photographer, you can transition to the elopement photography niche. Here are some of the steps you should take if you wish to dive into elopement photography.

Be Adventurous

To become an elopement photographer, it only makes sense for you to be adventurous yourself. Start traveling on your own to the destinations you would want to photograph for clients and take pictures. If that is not always possible, the best alternative is to spend a lot of time outdoors close to nature and show off your work. Instagram posts and stories are good places to exhibit your content. It is also an excellent place to source prospective clients. A blend of breathtaking adventures and client work can make for a perfect social media page that attracts the people you want to be affiliated with. To get even more clients, find the best elopement hashtags that couples use so you can use them on your posts.

Be an Expert on Elopements

To be a successful elopement photographer who constantly books clients, you need to create rapport with those you want to work with. In simple terms, you need to produce resources that make elopement wedding planning and execution easier. Since there are a lot of myths around what is possible at an elopement wedding, it is a brilliant idea to educate couples on what elopement entails. Couples are also reassured when you speak their language and share experiences. Most of the people you’ll work with will have no prior wedding planning experience, so you need to make them feel like they are consulting an expert. Go beyond your comfort zone to be a resource and guide so couples can trust you to make their elopement day superb. For example, you can start blog writing. Although it is not something you specialize in, your blogs can bring a deluge of traffic to your website if you do it right – hence, more clients! 

Practice Nature Photography and be Very Good

As an elopement photographer, you need to make couples feel like they have nothing to worry about by making their experience exceptional. But, you also have to be an expert in nature photography. Chances are your couples will be eloping in the most spectacular locations, and to truly capture their experience, you have to bring the landscape into the imagery. Your clients would have your wedding pictures in their albums for years to come, so knowing how to capture the environment is essential. When you are not at work, experience the outdoors as much as you can by visiting various locations and getting good at bringing that landscape to life. Practicing without people in the frame would help you become acclimated to the feeling, and you’ll be able to take superb photos for your clients.

Create a Website

Although the elopement photography niche is rapidly developing, it does not mean you can get away with a poor website. In order to be successful at your craft, you need a beautiful site that shows your skills and charms your target audience. Pay close attention to the website’s design and wording and do SEO for your website to rank high on search engines. Photography is competitive, so your brand needs to stand out from the crowd. In addition, make your website very easy to navigate so your prospective clients can easily reach out to you.

Build A Portfolio

If you have a website, what use is it if you don’t have pictures to display? You need to have a portfolio to show clients some examples of your work and convince them that you can give them the photography experience they’re looking for. Couples only book photographers that match their vision, so ensure your portfolio resonates with your target audience.


Becoming an elopement photographer is not a sprint but a marathon, so you need to be patient if you want to succeed. Take time to hone your skills, get the required experience, build a portfolio and create the perfect website to showcase your craft. If you put in the right amount of work, you’ll be bagging clients in no time.