Create 360 degree video with just your android smartphone

Hi everyone,

In 2016, you may think about how can you record 360 degree video with your android devices or iPhone?  Do we have to buy a 360 degree camera to this specific need or we can utilize our smartphone to capture beautiful life around us in 360 technology?

In this post, I will show you how to create 360 degree video right on your smartphone! Now take your phone and follow my tutorial!

What you have to prepare:

To create a 360 degree video on your android phone, you need to to have:

  1. Take a smartphone with back and front camera
  2. Install a software to stitch video
  3.  Spend 3 minutes
  4. Done with a 360 video


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What you get after doing this tutorial:

Here is the final 360 degree video that I create with this tuts:

As you can see, it is very cool right!


How I create this 360 degree video on my android phone:

The process here is very simple, as I told you about How 360 degree camera works post, you need to record common videos with different direction first, and then stitch them together to have a 360 version, finally is playing it and enjoy. 

Here are 3 steps that you will follow to create 360 degree video on any android phone:

  1. Step 1: Record common video with both camera
  2. Step 2: Stitch 2 videos
  3. Step 3: Enjoy the video on 360 player

Step 1: Record common video:

We will record common videos first by turn on both front and back camera of a smartphone, here is Samsung Galaxy S5  – an Android device. We will record videos with both front and back camera at the same time, there is some blind point because our lens it not 360 degree lens, but I think that the product is quite interesting too share on Facebook, it’s very amazing with your friends.

About phone setup, because we will record video from both camera in DUAL CAM mode and hit Record button so you need to find an app to do this if your phone doesn’t support it in default. Don’t worry, dual cam mode app is very popular on Google Play, so you can install any one of them to make a dual cam video.

Step 2: Stitch these video:

Stitch your video with this software, you can follow my guide on the above youtube video:

Download software here: download

Step 3: Play you video:

Upload to Youtube to watch your video or get some free 360 video player for andoird that I tested here: 360 video android player


Update: New way to create 360 video on android May 2016


Above is the full tutorial that help you to create a simple 360 degree video without buying a new 360 degree camera, you just need a standard android phone and follow my tutorial. If you finish your video, you can upload and comment your link bellow comment box to share with us. Cheer!