Top 10 Best Canon Video Editing Software

With the rise of video content in every sphere of our lives, video editing is now a staple term that we come across almost every day. Video editing was never in the mainstream media like it is now. Almost everyone in the digital or video marketing industry is talking about how to edit videos.

As the demand for well-edited videos and digital content has taken off, people have focused a lot on their editing skills. It goes without saying that editing a video is not an easy trick to learn. There are a lot of nuances that are involved in this, and that can affect the overall results of the video.

Which video editing software do you think works best if you have a Canon DSLR? Don’t know? Then you should read today’s blog because we will talk about the 10 best canon video editing software available in 2021.

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Best Canon video editing software that you should choose

1. InVideo Editor – 

This is the best video editing software that is suitable for both beginners and professionals using a camera manufactured by Canon. It comes with all the regular features that you would expect from a versatile video editor in 2021.

You can also find a host of some incredible new features and editing tools like slideshow maker, templates, audio library, etc.

All of them are used to bring more depth and clarity to your videos. The software is very easy to use and quite inexpensive when you compare it with other video editors.

2.AVS Video Editor –

If you are new in this field, and confused about which software to choose, then AVS is an obvious choice. Not only is AVS easy to handle, but it comes with an intuitive UI and simple design which does not involve too much complexity like a lot of other editors. The software can help you insert images, audio tracks as well as text overlays.

In addition, you can use the color correction features to adjust the white balance and add more clarity to your videos. Picture-in-Picture effects are also usable on this advanced video editor. 

3. Magix Movie Edit Pro –

If you want an editor that can export your videos in multiple formats, then Magix Movie Edit Pro is the solution. It even supports iPad, Nintendo OS, PSP and iPhone. If you are a beginner, you should start with the “Beginners Mode” option and learn about all the intricacies of the software.

Then you have amazing features like AI stabilization, chroma key, transitions, & filters that help to create a visual enigma. In addition, the software comes with great stereo support for better audio quality for all of your videos.

4. Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 –

If you are more focused on developing the basic skills and the ones that are necessary to learn the advanced skill set later on, then you should definitely try out Corel editor. It comes with features that allow you to add subtitles, text comments, menus, and audio.

You can now render your videos quickly and with ease. The 360-degree virtual reality, Ultra HD, and 3D types of media are some of the best features.

5. Pinnacle Studio –

A software that is mostly used on Windows OS, Pinnacle can help you to enjoy different features such as editing based on timeline drag-and-drop editing for advanced HD editing. When you can get a better idea of each of these features, you’ll understand how important it is to have such an editor in 2021. Pinnacle has been a dependable choice for video editors & continues to be a wonderful solution.

6. VideoPad –

VideoPad is especially useful if you are planning to edit YouTube videos on it. The software comes with a simple UI that is not too flashy and features a wide range of edifying editing tools.

The editor can be used for both commercial and non-commercial use, and you will be glad to get your hands on it. In addition, you can burn your finished videos on the software and upload them directly to your preferred social media platforms immediately. 

7. iMovie –

As the name suggests, the software is exclusive only for Apple users. However, if you own a device that supports Mac OS, then iMovie can be a good companion in editing videos. You will find that the app has a lot of features and tools that allow you to edit more efficiently.

Automated video editing, audio, and music editing, HD and 4K video support, video color settings, and crop and rotate video clips are some of the major features that are included here.

8. Windows Movie Maker –

A free and basic video editing option you can choose for all kinds of Windows devices. Users can drag and drop all the clips on the designated area and start editing their videos. Video transitions and effects, and Auto Movie are some of the best features of this software.

Along with that, you can also add audio tracks from now on. Brilliant effects and transitions can be added to make your videos more attractive.

9. Nero Vision –

If you are looking for an editor that comes with 4K Support, then Nero Vision is a great option. You can playback the videos with embedded subtitles, and you’ll be happy to know that this editor is optimized specially to support dual-screen monitors.

All the videos are processed faster because of the advanced processors. Rendering speed is very high, and it takes a few minutes to render. Share files on other social media platforms directly from Nero quickly to save a lot of time.

10. Filmora Editor –

The final editor on our list is Filmora. It has some amazing features like 4K support and GIF support. You can remove noise, tune colors, mix audio, stabilize your videos, and equalize your audio as well. The brilliant 4K editing support is one of the best we have seen in all the editors on this list.

 The Bottom Line

These are the top video editors that you can use if you are shooting with a Canon video camera. Let us know which editing software you think is going to work the best for your editing.