What Kinds of Cameras Work Well for Golf?

The goal has become a very daily sport for various people, and some say that it offers unmatched tranquility and relaxation, although others see it as a more competitive sport. Golf is an activity where the individual seeks to introduce a small ball into the holes distributed on the golf course.

There can be a maximum of 18 holes or a minimum of 9, and the re-enactors or athletes have at least 14 golf clubs to play. The winner is the one who inserts or most of the balls in holes with the least amount of hits to balls.

With the advancement of technology, it has become very important and daily for sports to be taxed to observe themselves while they play, seeing which movements are wrong or which are right.

However, not all camera meet the appropriate requirements to record the quick maneuvers that players perform to get the ball in the hole. That is why those who want to record themselves and later reproduce and see their movements clearly and clearly in the video need one of the best cameras to achieve this task.

What is the best camera?

There are many and diverse cameras of any type and any brand in the market and the most current phones, bringing with them more and more innovative cameras that we could not even imagine before. That is why we will present you with three options that we will consider to be the best for golf cameras.

One of the best phones to record this sport is the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Max. These phones will serve you to record your movements and maneuvers and so that you can communicate or send the video to whoever needs it.

It has a triple or quadruple-camera sensor configuration as you buy these phones. It has an option for slow motion. It regulates the light even if it is very little, and it has incredible sharpness so that you can observe your movements in the best way. These are some of the best phones, and many trainers use them to record movements, being a two in one.

In case you have greater needs and require a greater visualization of the maneuvers that the people who train this sport do or do, you can go for golf swing camera such as the LiveView Golf and the Sony RX100 V.

They are one of the best cameras. With professional caliber that exists in the market, and for example, the first is designed specifically for golf. They contain a flexible tripod and a lever that allows you to align it as you require. You can also connect it to other devices such as an iPad or your phone, allowing you to do repetitions in the same way. You can even compare different shots from different angles.

For its part, the Sonic RX100 V camera offers completely ultra-fast autofocus that will leave you stunned, it also contains excellent flexibility, and the best of its videos are made, I dare say, with film quality. It also allows you to see replays from different angles with an update.

How many FPS does it take to record a golf swing?

If you have a good camera, this will not be a problem since the devices that we indicated above have the necessary FPS to record your movements without any problem. But in case of not having it, many cameras record 30 frames per second, this being the majority.

However, to record and come out in the best possible way, the camera must record at MORE than 30 frames per second, since a golf swing normally lasts 2 seconds, and you will be sure that the more frames the camera has, the higher it will be.

The possibility of visualizing and know what movements you will do. That is why before choosing and buying a camera, you must first find out what features it has so that you are sure of the usefulness and satisfaction that it will give you.

How do I set my camera on my golf swing?

Once you get an ideal camera, although some people use two, it is necessary to position it in the best possible location; of course, it will also depend on what you want to photograph. The two main and most recommended positions are down and forward.

  • Place the camera on a tripod exactly at hand height.
  • Must put the ball in position for the golfer to hit it
  • Place the golf club parallel to the golfer’s hand.
  • It should be 3 to 4 inches in front of the feet.
  • And then align the camera with the golfer’s hand while standing straight in the camera’s viewfinder.

How do I increase the speed of my swing?

Anyone who wants to have a faster speed in any sport must have practice and perseverance in it, and the sport of golf is no exception. But unfortunately, in golf, having a faster speed does not mean a fast swing, but you will only hit the golf ball faster.

One of the things that can help you is your position in giving energy to the ball, since with a good position, it will have a correct direction giving a faster speed and angle. You must have your chest behind the ball, shoulders up, check your position, do a backward k and check your space well.

If you want to increase speed much more, you can try having a slightly lighter golf club, which will cause greater speed and more intensity. But the most important thing is that you improve your practice and be constant. Another thing you can do is figure out how to split your force towards the golf club.

Does Arccos record the turning speed?

Arccos is one of the best game analyzers that exists. This application seeks to improve the quality of the game of each golfer. Professionals often use it to be able to measure their statistics and analyze their game. It can show you all your shots with the speeds.

So, of course, it records the turning speed. The best thing about this is that it is a hands-free device. Arccos will show you your weaknesses and strengths so you can be a better player.

Another advantage it offers is that it is designed with a battery that can last you up to 5 years of use to play without problem for a long time.


Currently, there are thousands of people dedicated to playing golf being one of the most popular sports, since young people are engaged in it and many adults. That is why those who start in this world or improve their skills have to evolve to get a better game constantly. Here we have shown you the best cameras to the best movements so that you become the best on the playing field and always continue to evolve.