At, we always welcome guest writers that could create enlightening and engaging articles. Therefore, if you happen to…

  • Know a lot about cameras 
  • Like sharing opinions regarding issues, trends, developments and so on 
  • Have above-average writings skills 

…then feel free to send your pieces to As an expanding site, we want to provide our readers with a stream of well-written articles that feature interesting information surrounding modern-day cameras. 

Topics Of Our Published Articles 

Currently, Camerahuzz hosts plenty of articles and they deal with 

  • Camera 
  • Camera accessories 
  • Photography (tips and tricks, techniques, locations, …)
  • Reviews 
  • News 

It’s worth pointing out that we also accept articles with other topics besides the above. As long as your articles deliver valuable insights, we would be more than willing to consider them for approval.

Several Rules For Guest Posts

Needless to say, we won’t post all articles that guest writers send to us. To maintain a level of quality among the articles on, we put together a list of rules that contributors should keep in mind 

  • 100% Original: We turn away all articles that contain already-published contents from other camera sites. While processing guest posts, one of the things that our editors do every time is check for plagiarism using tools. In the case that your articles get published first on, you could post them back on your site after a period of time. 
  • 500 Words: It’s strongly recommended that you keep all your guest posts direct and to the point but the number of words should be above 500. Articles that drop below that length rarely attract a lot of attention from our readers. There is no upper limit here so assuming that you organize the contents in a logical manner, you may write as long as you like. 
  • Four Photos: At the very least, you should include four photos of relevance that you own in each of your guest posts. It’s possible to use unsplash pictures as substitutes too. 
  • No Promotion: Camerahuzz concentrates on honest articles with objective tones. That means we would reject guest posts filled with advertisements, biased contents and so on.
  • English-only: For the moment, we only post articles in English so until we get a translator, we don’t accept non-English guest posts. 

Note: We at reserve the right to alter the guest posts that we receive prior to posting them. Hence, our editors could add./remove contents in your articles as they tweak grammar, optimize SEO score and improve readability. 

What Do Our Contributors Get 

  • Chances to work alongside like-minded people  
  • Experience in a wide range of topics 
  • Exposure to the camera community 
  • Site promotion 

Acceptable Types Of Guest Posts 

People send guest posts of all shapes and sizes to camerahuzz but regarding acceptance rate, three types stand out from others: “How”, “List” and “Question”. 

“How” Articles

Simply put, articles of the type tell the reader the way to perform a specific task from start to finish. Consider their purpose, “how” articles tend to contain an assortment of pictures, illustrations and alike. In order to get the point through, it’s imperative that you describe everything in detail and avoid ambiguous phrasing. 

“List” Articles 

Being created so as to provide readers with a number of items as references, “list” articles often require careful research. For each item on articles of the type, you have to write a short description that summarizes its prominent attributes. 

“Question” Articles 

When people like to learn more about particular issues, they would seek out “question” articles. In articles of the type, you must tell people about aspects of issues, the approach you use to tackle them and the kind of result you get at the end. 

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