In the art of filmmaking, capturing moments in slow motion is one of the most difficult skills which require a thousand of different tips. In order to catch these moments, the filmmaker not only has to be skilled but also have the great camera – the decisive element that can bring the success for making films and videos. Therefore, my main purpose for writing this page is to bring more information about some types of best slow motion cameras (Best high speed camera) for capturing moments in slow motion.

These super high speed cameras are able to capture a high number of frames per seconds with the respective spectacular resolution while it still comes with full of the great function and the affordable price to fit your budget.

Before buying the new slow motion camera ( high speed camera), reading the experiences of the old users and review about this product is extremely necessary, especially the modern technology product as the camera. I hope that after reading my page, you will get ready to make your own decision to get a compact slow motion camera with high speed capturing.

Top 5 best slow motion cameras high speed 2017 reviews

1.    Nikon COOLPIX P500 12.1 CMOS high speed Camera.

Here is Nikon Coolpix P500 with 42x optical zoom lens – affordable slow motion camera for golf swing, action movies …


This high speed camera is really suitable for making a video in slow motion because it comes with 5- way VR image stabilization system. Besides, it was equipped full HD movie with stereo sound and HDIM output and the grass lens which can produce the video with high sharpness. Especially, it can capture five shots in one second at full resolution and the 12.1-megapixel sensor for high-speed operation supporting for slow motion along with the low light performance.

This model was designed very eye-catching with the light weight & compact which helps you to be easy for taking long distance. This high speed camera comes from the famous brand – Nikon, so you don’t need to care much about the quality and the durability. It received the concentration of use with 284 comments, with the affordable price deserving the award best slow motion camera in 2017.


  •  With 36x optical zoom, you can see the buildings 5 miles away.
  • It is the model which is very light weight and compact, much smaller than any entry model DSLR.
  • It is up to 240 FPS video that is the idea for making slow motion videos.
  • The great manual controls for any experienced photographer.
  • The buttons are simple to look for and use.
  •  Comes with the low price which can fit everyone’s budget.
  • The wide angle that is great with some distortion around edges.


  • The battery life is not optimal and has not supplied external battery charger, so you have to charge when it is in the camera via USB cable and AC adapter.
  • Unless you have the tripod or some type of the support, it is quite hard to get a clear shot at the maximum room.
  • Not having the lens cap on the sensor or resistance that could stop the motor.

2.    Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2KK  Mirrorless High speed Camera

Here is Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2KK – Best slow motion camera for you:



This model made by Panasonic which is also famous for the electrical and technology product so you can completely believe in the quality as well as the function of cameras. It is quite light about 15.5 ounces; you can bring in your trip easily. The great price compares with the other model and it also have the high rate of customer review about 4.5 out of 5 stars along with a lots positive comments from users.

With fast light speed AF for quick, clear photo capture and maximum shutter speed about 1/4000 of per second you can produce the video in slow motion efficiently without editing tool. It was added some more feature as the touch screen, 40 fps shooting speed, ETC mode, and ISO shooting compares with the GH1 version.

The new variable movie mode makes it possible to record the motion picture in variable frame rate making the rate of slow feed movie. Moreover, GH2 has cinema-like 24mbps bit rate and dedicated cinema mode that has been developed for complimenting the Lumix standard. That is perfect for shooting videos.


  • Owing to 3 Venus microprocessors for wide, it has the best M4/3 sensor, delivers and clear picture at 1600 and usable to 6400.
  • Having multi-aspect 18mp sensor.
  • It comes with ETC 2.6x extra crop factor turning 100-300mm into 520 – 1560mm video lens.
  • Easy to touch screen focusing.
  • Producing the best video in combo-cam to date.


  • –    The format is still missing critical glasses to watch TV or read the book.
  • –    There are real 3D photo solutions which do not ask glasses but still expensive.
  • –    Lack of manual controls and the full-size DSLR seems too bulky in hands to carry around often.
  • –    The body made from plastic, so it is not too durable as the metal model.
  • –    No headphone port means have no ability to monitor incoming audio.
  • –    Only 1/169 flash sync speed.

3.    Sony DSC-RX100/B 20.2 MP Exmor CMOS Sensor Digital Camera

Sony DSC – RX 100 always in the list of best slow motion camera for professional photographers.



This is one of the most premium compact cameras of the famous brand – Sony. The design is young, active and very suitable for traveling and moving far distance (213g of weight and 101.6 mm x 58.1 mm x 35.9 mm of dimension).

Although the small and compact size, it was still equipped the newest technology that supports you to take the best moment and shot the perfect video. With 20.2Mp, f1.8-4.9 lens, ISO 125-6400 it provides the sharp and clear image and great video (full HD 1080p/60p video). Besides, 3-inch LCD screen gives the large view; it has the rear control dial, customizable front control ring, bright f1.8 Carl Zeiss and lens with 3.6x zoom.

Especially, it is the camera for making slow motion video because it allows you to choose the capture frame rate and the movie file frame separately, so you will have the broad of slow motion effect which is always available for you. Moreover, the capture structure is quite self-explanatory, it is a lot of time each second your camera will be taking the new frames with some options of 240, 480 and 960 fps.


  • –    This model improved vastly burst speeds with deep buffer along with fast autofocus.
  • –    It provides the high resolution which supports to get a lot of details in the good light.
  • –    Having the high-quality 4k video and super fast high frame rate video
  • –    It is very compact and lightweight, so Sony version is great pocket design.
  • –    Manual focus with the focusing peaking and zoom-in which is very convenient.
  • –    Videos work efficiently and stably, panning and zooming are butter smooth that great for capture video in slow motion.
  • –    The function of a video has more control ad concave dedicated button which can be easy to press.
  • –    Good for indoor flash portraits.
  • –    The battery is very power that you can shoot 700 photos for a half day.


  • –    It is quite expensive for a compact camera.
  • –    Lens does not offer much telephoto.
  • –    The menu of this model is quite complicated.
  • –    Have no external battery charger and manual.
  • –    If you take a photo with full zoom, the aperture will be slow.
  • –    Limited battery life compares with the predecessor.
  • –    The model dial is a little tighten to turn.

4.    Canon PowerShot G16 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot G16 is one of the best high speed cameras for you:



Canon is very famous for the high-quality manufacturer in producing the camera. This is one of the great compact cameras that supports shooting slow motion video. This product comes with full of necessary function such as the speed boost, wi-fi with the Powershot and the new DIGIC 6 processor.

Canon Powershot G16 has the built in Wi-fi technology which lets you to wirelessly transfer your photos to social network sites through Canon Image Gateway easily and conveniently. With the free download of Canon camera window app, you can upload everywhere on your Android or IOS tool.

Especially, with 1080p full HD video you can capture your video at 60fps and play back on an HDTV through the HDMI output. G6 was designed with the Canon DIGIC 6 image processor for outstanding low-light up to ISO 12800 combine with  12.1mp with high-sensitivity 1/1.7 inch CMOS sensor. Moreover, you can capture more in your frame with the 5x optical zoom lens.


  • –    Having the higher frame rate which provides the selection for good quality half speed slow motion capturing when playback at 30fps. With no doubt, this is the best high speed camera in the market 2017.
  • –    The quality of build is very nice, and it is durable in your hand while holding.
  • –    Wi-fi function is a nice addition.
  • –    A thousand of creative modes that allow you for a lot of different and special shots without lag.
  • –    The quality of image and video is extremely sharp and vivid.
  • –    Super slow motion movie, you can record your video in high speed approximately 240fps and playback with slow motion.


  • –    It is not cheap compare with the others.
  • –    Quite hard to set to differentiate from each other and set up the wi-fi originally.
  • –    The blurred background is a much more complex issue involving a clear comprehending of the elements of depth field.
  • –    Be noise at high ISOs.

5.    Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 High speed Camera

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 is one of the best slow motion camera for you:


Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 is the exceptional digital camera which can even capture videos and images with 4k quality. It is very convenient when coming with the 16gb SD card, camera bag, and a camera cleaning kit. You also can capture in low light with 20.1 MP sensors and a bright DC lens.

Besides, it also was set up with the Wi-fi connectivity and the 16x optical zoom. Especially, you could find that this camera can shoot the video in slow motion efficiently in high definition at 120 FPS and offer slow motion playback perfectly.

Besides, there are some other useful features such as 8mp hybrid photo frame, five-axis tilt correction, MOS sensor for amazing defocus control and super-fast Lumix DFD focusing technology. It’s one of the best slow motion cameras  2017 that I recommend.


  • –    The FZ1000 has a shutter speed of 60 seconds.
  • –    Being ready to take a shot instantly because the startup time is very fast.
  • –    the LCD screen is very nice.
  • –    Video quality is top of the best camera.
  • –    Shooting quickly and accurately in every moment.
  • –    The Lightroom supports FZ1000 RAW files well.
  • –    Easy to use.
  • –    Photos were taken with high ISO looks awesome with the little noise.
  • –    Being the affordable price compare with the other models.


  • –    When you shot at 400mm, it looks average to poor with using an auto code, so you need using shutter priority.
  • –    The overall sharpness is not great at 400mm even for a super zoom.
  • –    The screen can black out when looking focus if you use it with studio strobes.
  • –    You have to use both your hands to choose the shooting speeds because it gives us the extra dial.
  • –    The lens, sensor, and body is the trifecta for most of the users.

Best slow motion cameras 2017 for high speed action buying guide

Firstly, you should consider to the video editing software which comes with this camera. It is necessary for you to make the better video compare with the original footage although you make the great video shot. Owing to which you export standout video with slow motion conveniently, you have to look for the professional editing tool.

Especially, you have to be careful with the camera that requires the complex video editing tools. It will waste your time, and if you do not know much about video editing, it is very tough.So make sure  the best slow motion camera is the one can help you with this.

Because making the video with slow motion absolutely need to focus on the details, so it is very vital in choosing a camera with the playback speed. You need this one that does not cause loss of the critical of a video.

You should be aware that when you shot quickly and you can work with more data, so you need an adjusted camera with more frames. You know that the number of frames determines how slower you can make the video. Thus, looking for the slow motion camera that has more frames is great.

Seeking the one with the right shutter speed is the essential factor because the right is shutter speed is the critical function for all of the different project. Shutter speed affects the kind of output that you can get from a camera so do not neglect this factor.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the best gadget for your slow motion videos. Notably, we can not forget to mention the amount of money that you want to pay for your camera. The cheap cameras will not compromise the quality of results.

How to make the best slow motion video with DSLR

When shooting slow motion, you have to use a lot of light because you have to take the picture very quickly, so the light has less to make a photo in your best high speed camera. Without Taking photos in plenty of light, you will get gloomy as well as dark with slow motion.

When shooting the slow motion video, you have to consider the frames because the camera with 24 of 30 frames per second of video is merely faked by some of the software editings you use. Thus, choosing carefully the right frame rate is very vital.

The weakness of shooting in slow motion is that you usually finish with more footage than you want. You have to remember that 6 seconds of shooting makes a minute of video at 300fps and 2 minutes at 600fps. If your camera allows you to trim your clip on the spot, you should benefit it. With anyone of best slow motion camera above, I think that you can easily make a professional high speed film in easy.

One problem with the slow motion that many people meet is the sound. You often hear the music playing over clips, so it is not necessary to add music although Tarantino enjoyed that part.

Besides, when shooting slow motion video, you also should think of the outside stabilization. You will be better of shooting on the tripod supporting for the optimum clarity. However, if there is the time when you can stretch your imagination with taking video it is in slow motion. When you are taking video with many frames in a limited space, you can benefit the time-stretching to make your video stable.

You also should have some test before you shoot in real because you might only have a chance to capture some object in slow motion. You can try this which includes filming your lighting and focus points in slow motion then the play it back at 30fps.


These above models are 5 of best slow motion cameras that have been the bestseller on the market today. All of those come from the famous camera brand, so you do not need to worry much about the quality. The things you need to do right now is to consider and choose the camera that is suitable for your needs, your expectation as well as your budget.

Finally, hope that you can get the best of the best camera to capture your amazing and memorable memories in your life. Enjoy your making movie!

I hope that you can choose the best high speed camera in this 2017 with my reviews and buying guide!