Easy Movie Texture Tutorial – 360 video VR in easy

Hello, I’m Ethan. Easy Movie Texture  is no longer unfamiliar with us any more to create 360 degree video. During the time that I participated in many projects, Easy MovieTexture becomes one of the most important software for VR technology as well as Unity 3D. So in this post, I will list …

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360 video not working on iphone 6? What should I do?

With the development of 360 degree technology, now we can watch 360 video on many kinds of device such as TV, VR headset, smartphone … But sometimes, you see that 360 video is not working on your iphone, omg, What you need to do? In this short post, I will …

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How to get most out of Auto focus in 360 dashboard

Once you’ve compensated for white balance and set your exposure triangle, the next step is actually taking the picture. Tins is the best step, the one you’ve been waiting for, but it still requires a little bit of skill. As you’ve learned, taking a picture is more complicated than just a …

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Mastering Metering skill with your 360 degree camera

Metering is the camera’s natural way of accommodating for your exposure triangle settings. When you adjust the aperture, the ISO, and the shutter speed, the camera will automatically assess all areas in the photo – both light and dark – and set a default exposure that averages the entire image to …

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How do you feel with your first 360 camera?

Get ready to meet your brand new  360 camera! You’ve just taken it out of the box and might be afraid to touch it – don’t be! Pick it up and get to know it, because you are about to take some amazing photographs. The first step is turning it …

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Bonus tips of using 360 camera for beginners

So far, you’ve learned more about 360 camera cameras, their benefits and features, and useful tricks that will help you improve your photography skills easily. Throughout this chapter, I’m going to mention a few additional tips and tricks you should know about. You can choose Best 360 degree camera 2016 with out …

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