Best VR 360 app for Samsung galaxy S6

You earn, bought or given a VR headset to suit your Samsung galaxy S6 . So what now? There are many 360 video programs, encounters and VR games to check. It’s under the virtual reality experience you’d get getting a 3 dimensional game or movie inside Oculus Rift or HTC Vive however, these are wonderful tasters nonetheless.

Here’s our select from the VR programs to download first. Android clients have an overabundance choice there’s however now plenty designed for apple apple iphone too. We’ll keep improving this list with this particular own finds additionally to tips within the comments as well as the shiny, new Wareable forum. Come the the Virtual reality App for Samsung s6 list:


This selection of over videos and encounters is interesting stuff. It’s up-to-date fairly frequently and many types of live action films VRSE produces comes from the complete finest quality you’ll find on mobile VR. We’re speaking films created for the Not about Syria, Bjork’s Stonemilker VR music video, immersive journalism from Vice News plus much more. The newest can be a collaboration while using New You’ll be able to Occasions referred to as Fly featuring the type of Michael Fassbender and Kristen Wiig. With no doubt, this is the best VR 360 app for samsung galaxy s6 that I have known!

best vr 360 app for samsung galyxy s6

2. YouTube

You’ll need the newest YouTube for iOS application to profit from that certain (if you’re getting no luck, re-install the applying). Then type #360video into YouTube, look for the VR icon and strap around the viewer to find out 2D videos from your headset. So you can easily play this app on your samsung galaxy s6.This can be anyone to watch as throughout camera rigs are really designed for budding internet stars at YouTube Space art galleries in urban centers around the globe.


The Completely New You’ll be able to Occasions is enhancing and growing its print an online-based tales having its own VR application, created for use using the Google Cardboards it gave off and away to site visitors taken. throughout tales are the Displaced which examines three children who had been designed to flee their properties. There’s a smartphone viewing mode too.

4. Sisters

One of the creepiest programs for Pressboard may also be available nowadays for apple apple iphone clients. Otherworld Interactive’s experience can be a first person ghost story for mobile VR that you simply finish up alone (kinda) in the haunted mansion in the heart of rainwater. We won’t ruin other activities.

If you would like this, have a look at Insidious VR too, another horror show as they say.

5. InCell VR

Of course, if you’re ready to stump up some money you will be paid out. InCell has facets of both racing and strategy action in the oddly pretty, micro arena of cells and infections. Install it on your Samsung galaxy S6 today!

6. Zombie Shooter VR

Farmville does exactly what it sets to complete – enables you shoot zombies in VR. It’s mindless fun occur subway labyrinths if you do type of apocalypse so nothing groundbreaking nevertheless the graphics are nice, you don’t need a controller (just use shoot) which is is great to find out free VR games punching the Application Store.

When you’re finished with the undead, the desert based VR Tank Training is an additional simple shooter with no controller necessary, though that certain does cost $1.99.

7. DinoTrek VR

There are many CG encounters to check on apple apple iphone too, it is not only games. That certain is useful for families – though it’s your choice if you want to stay a Pressboard viewer before your kids’ face. It basically enables you obtain in the heart of some awesome dinosaur action whether that’s fighting or just chilling. Yes, there’s a T-Rex.

8. Orbulus

This resembles the Oculus photo viewer you will get round the Rift and equipment VR and suggests it need not be video – really, lots of people who experience simulation sickness will prefer still images. Explore throughout PhotoSpheres in this particular simple application which inserts with Pressboard, iOS and – theoretically – any VR viewer from third party makers for instance DodoCase. Glastonbury, the Northern Lights, Mars, it’s all regulated controlled there to gawp at.

Above are 8 best VR 360 app for samsung galaxy phone, I hope that you like it!