How to Blur Portrait Backgrounds in 360 camera

blur 360 degree camera

One of the most useful photography skills you should know is blurring portrait backgrounds. The reason is simple – taking portrait photos of different people with a 360 camera is much better than with any other type camera. You can have more knowledge to choose the best 360 camera in …

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Recording perfectly sunset with your 360 Degree Camera


Time for confessions: how many times have you wanted to take a photo of a sunset (or sunrise), but somehow, the photo wasn’t as beautiful as the scene we witness with our own eyes? Taking photos of sunsets with 360 cameras is better than doing so with your phone. After …

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How to get more with focus with a 360 camera?

360 camera focus tips

At this point, you already know why focus is important and how to set it up to focus onto stationary objects or subjects in motion. However, imagine you’re on vacation and want to take a photo of a lovely landscape that spreads right in front of you. Or, you go …

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How to use 360 camera for capturing daily life

How to use 360 camera

Knowing the features your 360 camera has isn’t enough. You also have to know how to use them to take perfect photos. That’s what this chapter is for -I’m going to show you how to use your 360 camera. It’s easier than you think, trust me. Shooting modes at 360 …

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Some interesting features in 360 Degree Camera that you should know

360 degree camera feautures

The first step toward improving your photography skills is to understand the features your camera has to offer, and 360 cameras offer a lot. Improving photography skills and taking breathtaking photos can be accomplished by using everything your camera has to offer. Tins is why it’s important to know what …

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How I choose the perfect 360 cam for my trips


Are you thinking about buying your very first 360 camera camera? If your answer is ‘‘YES’then you’ll find this chapter extremely useful. In this part, I’m going to show you what you should consider prior to purchasing your 360 camera camera. This way, you will know exactly what you’re going …

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What makes a 360 camera to be different

360 Camera vs others (1)

If you just got your first 360 camera or are thinking about purchasing one, you’re probably wondering what the difference is between these cameras and “regular” ones. Before I show you how to improve your photography skills and take photos like a pro, in this chapter, I’m going to focus …

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Best 360 Degree Video Player August 2016 Collection

360 Camera vs others (2)

With the crazy development of virtual reality technology in the last 3 years, now we can see the appearance of 360 degree science everywhere: student can learn history from 360 degree film , Youtube now supports 360 degree format as a common way to enjoy video, Facebook invest 1 million …

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Create 360 degree video with just your android smartphone

360 Camera vs others (3)

Hi everyone, In 2016, you may think about how can you record 360 degree video with your android devices or iPhone?  Do we have to buy a 360 degree camera to this specific need or we can utilize our smartphone to capture beautiful life around us in 360 technology? In …

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How a 360 degree camera work in simple to understand?

how a 360 degree camera works

Hi buddies, 2016 is the year of virtual reality technology, we have been introduced 360-degree camera, 360-degree video, 360-degree glass, 360-degree game and app … With no doubt, Virtual reality will be the technology of future, and I think that we need to understand a little bit about this field …

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