Best Cheap 95mm UV Filter for Your Camera 2023

Nice day my friends, are you finding for the best & cheap 95 mm UV filter for your camera? Come to good place, in this post, I will help you to choose the best 95mm UV filter!

Best Cheap 95mm UV Filter for Your Camera

1. The cheap one: Tronixpro 95mm Pro Serie


2. Another cheap one: Polaroid Optics 95mm Multi-Coated UV Protective Filter


3. Best filter: B+W 95mm Clear UV Haze with Multi-Resistant Coating


Other 95 mm UV filter on Amazon: Check here

Some basic infomation that you should know of 95mm UV filter

All right question of the day how do you tell a good UV filter from a bad one.?All right question of the day: How do you tell a good  95mm UV filter from a bad one?

Nobody, nobody wants to get ripped off on UV filters. That is why today i’ll be talking about the ways to differentiate  a good UV filter from a not so good. So you don’t end up pay extra UV filter so you don’t end up paying extra for UV filter that is not worth the money.

Now just to clarify the most UV filters on the market nowadays don’t really block out UV rays, you can test that by shutting up a black light through and you realize that the black light still goes through. Unless of course, one of the only UV filters on the market now that i know that still block the UV rays is the B plus W 486 digital UV / ir MRC. Anyways mostly filters nowadays that come at I don’t know fraction of that price don’t really block the UV, just because digital camera sensors nowadays are unaffected by UV rays because they have been built in filter so you don’t have to worry about UV rays messing up your image.

So the main function of a UV filter is to protect the front elements of your lens . So there are a few things you should look out for in a good 95mm UV filter and what you you should look out for to tell that the UV filter is pretty much a bad UV filter.

Transmission of 95mm UV filter

The first factor you want to look at is transmission or transmission is basically how transparent the filter is.  We have a higher transmission value of the UV filter allows a lot of light to pass through the filter without much deviation.  We have a bad UV filter if the transmission is pretty much.

Now the way to test is actually very simple all you have to do is hold up the UV filter again something and then look through it angle the UV filter so that it is not reflecting any big light sources. You get a clear view through the UV filter, I’ve looked through the UV filter and then the glass of the UV filter looks invisible to you that it has very good transmission if we can clearly see the glass and then the UV filter has poor transmission. Remember the glass should look invisible you should look like and put your finger right through the black ring.

Of course make sure that UV filter is clean if not you’d see the dust and grime on the filter to clean your fields our first ever buying a new filter then you probably would need to clean it.  Just hold it up and it should look invisible to you the glass on a bad filter will look very very visible.

Reflection of 95mm UV filter

Now another thing to look out for is reflections , because good UV filters shouldn’t reflect a lot. Now all you have to do is hold it up an angle it around it’s ok to have some reflections from some very bright areas such as a light source.  However if you can use it like a mirror then chances are it’s a pretty bad UV filter it shouldn’t be able to reflect too much.

Another thing to look out for is the coating on the UV filter, how many UV filters have hmcs MC that stands for high multi-coated or supermarket or just MZ multi-coated so we have a coating it will reduce glare and flair.  Nowadays,  many UV filters have multiple layers of coatings about how do you tell if the filter actually has a coating applied to it. Now all you have to do is try to reflect a light source of the UV filter such as get it so that you can see the reflection of their lights on your 95mm UV filter.

It’s best to have a white lights or neutral colored light source because you can see the reflection of the light source in a different color such as green blue or pinkish magenta that means it has coatings coatings tend to change the color of the reflections.  Now if the reflection of the light source is in the same color as the light source,  IE white then you’ve got ripped off because the filter doesn’t have coatings applied to it.

Now another thing to look out for when it comes to coatings is a MRC coding now mr c stands for multi resistant coating now this is usually only present in higher end filters so don’t be surprised if not all voters have this. But if you have it it’s definitely a plus because multi resistant coatings make the UV filter resistant to oil scratches and water.  So it should be harder to stay in MRC filter with fingerprints and if one droplets were to get on the filter they should beat up and roll off the MRC coatings make the filter much easier to clean so it’s always always a plus to have a filter with an RC.
Another thing to pay attention to is the thickness of the filter not this is particularly important if you’re buying a filter for an ultra wide angle lens because ultra wide-angle lenses have a very white if you off view.  So if your edge is very thick you risk the edges of a filter getting into the edges of your frame hence causing vignetting.
==> So if you’re considering on buying a 95mm UV filter for an ultra wide angle lens and you might want to consider taking a thin one .
If you’re going for a thick one be sure to test it out on your lens,  first stop it down and take a few test shots with it on and make sure it causes no vignetting if it’s fine then it’s fine. This is more important for wide angle lenses they were buying it for a standard zoom or telephoto lens then it doesn’t really matter too much so that is pretty much everybody i hope my video has been able to help you understand what is good  95mm UV filter and how to look out for a bad one if you have any questions and if you have any questions and comments just post them in the comments section below !
Thank you very much for watching and I will see you in the next video!

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