Do Home Security Cameras Record All the Time?

To protect their families and properties, people use security cameras at home. This latest smart technology comes in various features and at a very lower cost. This camera records all the footage; thus, it helps to solve crimes and other issues.

But a common question that pops into people’s minds is, Do home security cameras record all the time? Well, we care about your concern. That is why we will provide all the information that will clear all your confusion.

Do Home Security Cameras Record All the Time?

We all know the need for a security camera to protect our loved ones and properties. But did you give a thought about Do home security cameras record all the time?

Basically, it is a video recording device that records everyday footage. This device is very cost-effective, so anyone can use it. It is very easy to get the Best Home Security Camera System Under 200.

You can view all those footage on the phone, PC, and tablets from anywhere. Most home security cameras come with on motion record. It detects the motion when someone walks or moves in front of the camera. After that, it will start recording.

The best thing about recording in motion is, it won’t capture unnecessary day long footage. So, when you need to see any event, it won’t take too much time. Record on motion allows having a longer history than other recordings.

Some security cameras can record non-stop and on a schedule. For non-stop recording, the best choice is using DVR or NVR with a built-in installed hard disk drive. Also, you can record 24/7 by using the FT server and recording on a PC.

Some other technicalities help to determine how long a security camera can record.

  • Higher camera resolution uses more bandwidth. So, it shortens the time of recording.
  • To increase the storage capacity, video compression technology reduces the size of the video.
  • The capacity of storage depends on the number of cameras you have.
  • How long you can store the footage is affected by the storage space itself.

These are some basic technical variables that can affect the recording time of a security camera.

How Long Do Security Cameras Record For?

How long your security camera can record is mostly influenced by its storage capacity. Mostly, you can store the footage for 30 to 90 days. Determining how long a camera record depends on below storage.

NVR/DVR or Ft Server

Digital video recorder and network video recorder designed with a built-in hard disk drive. For additional storage, you can install an external HDD also. Recording on NVR/DVR for 24/7 is the best way because the HDD capacity greatly influences it. Using an FT server is a less expensive way to record security cameras all day long. Most security cameras allow FT servers to record all footage remotely.

Local Footage Storage

You can record footage by using SD cards. For this process, the device must have an SD card slot or an SD card installed. The SD card comes with various capacities, so it will work until its capacity becomes full. You can store the footage using SD cards for a long time. Until the card is damaged or you erase them, it will keep stored.

Cloud Storage

To record a security camera 24/7, the most expensive way is using the cloud. You will get some free storage for recording, but that’s not enough for large footage. If you want to record in a larger amount, you have to pay for extra storage. It will allow you to store records for months and even years as per the storage capacity.


Recording security cameras every time on a laptop or PC is probably the less expensive way. This process will use the computer’s hard drive to record the footage. If needed, then you can use a flash drive for recording.

The main reason for mounting a security camera is to keep our families, home, businesses, and properties safe. In case of any crime, the recording will be a big help to solve the issue. Therefore, identifying the criminals and resolving the crimes, recordings are must needed.