How to use Flash led with your 360 degree camera

Although using flash outdoors isn’t something people do, in some cases, it’s necessary. You have probably experienced this scenario: you’re about to take a photo of someone or something on a sunny day, but once you press capture, the subject of your image becomes too dark. This happens because your 360 camera is tricked by the bright background, which made it reduce exposure in order to compensate. The photo usually features a perfect background while objects or people in foreground are underexposed.

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The photo below was captured with automatic 360 camera settings and, as you can see, the woman in the photo is underexposed while the background is perfect.


Most people would assume brightening the overall exposure would do the trick, but that’s not quite practical because the quality’ of the photo would be jeopardized. To address this problem, we’re going to use flash, which will help us enhance the foreground light. Below, you can see how to accomplish that:

Select Program mode.

“Activate” flash. To do this, you have to check your manual. On some 360 cameras, you just have to press the button with the flash symbol (lightning) while on other models, you will have to lift open the flash manually.

Take the photo like you usually do, and your camera will balance the light from flash and background at the same time.

Is the photo okay now? If so, you’re done. If the image is too bright now, don’t worry. You can easily fix this problem by tweaking the flash compensation settings and selecting a negative number. You can also step back and take your photo again.

Once you capture the photo you want, close the flash for protection.

Return to the Auto mode.

Below, you can see how the photo looks like with flash.