Mini EYE 4 Review – Advanced 360 Camera for Photographers

Nice weekend my friend, it’s rainy here. There are nothing to do this week so I decide to review Mini EYE 4 in this blog post.  We all know that last week, 360 Design has released their newest product for Hollywood film making industry, a ultra 360 camera to record expert footage. This ultra high resolution 360 camera belong to 360 Design , I don’t know much about them but some of my friends told that they are experienced camera operators, pro artists, engineer and production crews who are experts on Film making, Live show concert …

With the requirement of high quality video in their career, 360 Design make this Mini EYE 4 with Hollywood standard: Quick shot, Ultra HD video quality, Longer recording time, customizable … for famous events like Music Concert, TV live show, NBA live streaming …

Some thing about 360 Design: The first introduction of 360 design is at Techcrunch 2015 about their design and vision. The CEO of 360 Design is  Alx Klive a businessman who is interested in 360 technology. This company mainly focuses on manufacturing cut of the edge 360 immersive camera for business. They a lab at Cali and all of manufacturing process is made inside the USA. 

Mini EYE 4 Quick look

Mini EYE 4 is equipped with 4 immersive camera which point to 4 direction to have a fully 360 x 180 coverage. You can easily rotate this camera because of it special modular design  for rotation.  Common 360 camera can just have 30fps support, but with Mini EYE 4, it has 4 camera that support 60 fps video. This is awesome figure for action sport and music concert to. Go along with this camera is a full accessories:  lens calibration tool, instructions and screwdriver.

You can see it on this image:

Mini EYE 4 Review - Advanced 360 Camera for Photographers

Mini EYE 4 Review – Advanced 360 Camera for Photographers

A heavy duty ( 12 inch, 6 foot ) can help it stand stably on the ground.  There are a lot of configuration button and cable hole. You can guest that this camera is not easy to use, it was built to create the professional video with high customization and editing.

Mini EYE 4 Detail information

Diffrentiate from normal camera like Ricoh Theta S or LG 360 , this camera has a complex information.

Here are detail information of Mini EYE 4:

  • Broadcast good quality Blackmagic Sync Generator with personalized accent cable
  • Handheld remote control working with Belafonte ATEM software package controller
  • Comes along with wheeled Pelican Circumstance have scenario that is certainly water-proof water-proof
  • Accent package with lens calibration screwdriver, tool and instructions
  • Absolutely outfitted to image shoot correct from the package
  • Entirely spherical, 360 X a hundred and eighty equirectangular protection
  • Four cameras for enhanced impression overlap
  • Four Mini EYE digital camera mounts
  • Four digital camera customized junction box
  • Fisheye lenses with customized barrels and specialist calibration
  • 4 6-foot significant responsibility rubber XLR ability cables
  • 4 12-inch SDI to mini SDI adapter tails to be used when making use of Micro Studio Cameras
  • 4 6-inch weighty responsibility, Canare genlock cables
  • Modular style that enables 180degree digital camera rotation
  • Synchronized working with absolutely genlocked video clip outputs as much as sixty fps
  • HFOV 600 levels picture overlap that enables for superior stitching or rotoscoping
  • VFOV 380 levels without any zenith abberation and no nadir gap
  • Higher Electric power AC adapter with 4-pin XLR connector
  • Decision of CNC Aluminum or rugged Nylon twelve rig body
  • D-Tap battery cable with 4-pin XLR connector

Mini EYE 4 Tool kit

Here are all of devices that you will get when purchase Mini EYE 4:
As you can see, in the box, you will have:
  • Sync Generator
  • Sync leads
  • Bench testing kit
  • J- Box
  • D- Tab power cable
  • Mini EYE 4
  • Tool
  • Camera Cables
  • AC adapter
  • Lens caps
  • Spare Camera mount, sensor caps and rear lens caps


With other reviews and comment from famous photographers, this Mini EYE 4 can give your ultra video quality for professional business. What I don’t like of this cam is The price for this perfect cam is not suitable for normal people. If you are planning to have a 360 camera rig for your business. Choose this one. If not see some consumer 360 camera which are cheaper at affordable price.  Now at the home page of 360 Design, you can buy this camera at Price: $11,999–$13,999. Thank you for reading my Mini EYE 4 Review .