Align two 360 Google Cardboard Camera Images Tutorial

Hi everyone, with the development of 360 degree technology, there are more and more question about this future camera. In this post, I will tell you how to change the direction of images that you captured by Google Cardboard. Why we need to answer this question? Because I see this on stackoverflow and there is no clue about this, very little information. I though that , us, as 360 degree developers will face with the difference of direction in 2 or 3 panorama images. To make the perfect final image, we need to solve this problem completely.

You know that With Google Cardboard Camera, it will capture 2 times delayed 360 panoramas images. If we have a deep comparison, we can see that: between 2 photos, there is the same position of landscape but there is a different in the direction. And this issue makes us create an ugly panorama photo.


So my solution here is to create a system that automatically align these 2 photo to the same direction with just 1 click. I’m thinking about choose a scanline at 10% and plot a contrast black and white strip for the 2 image. After that the system will automatically compare each of them with other to get the best rotation.


Some of my friend suggest that we can detect edges and then count the difference on scan line. However other think that the different in pixel width or blending will be the main problem.


As can be seen above, now you can edit the direction of each image to make sure that the panorama photo will be at the highest resolution. I hope that my short post can help you to align your images. If you can’t do or get stuck at any step, feel free to comment your issue here, I will comeback and reply and work with your 360 image soon.