Best dash cam for truckers – semi truck 2019

Thanks to a dash cam for truckers, several car accidents might be reduced. In some situations, you will be rescued in a couple seconds only when you can see what happens behind your truck! On the one hand, a dash camera will help you show the evidence in some cases you need to sue the guilty persons in the high court.

For these reasons, preparing the best dash cam for truckers is extremely important. It is a daunting task indeed to select and make a final purchase, but you could not worry about this issue anymore because we are here to help you to find the right dash cam. Keep on reading!

Best dash cam for truckers on the market

1.    Falcon Zero F170HD+ GPS Dash Cam

Falcon Zero F170HD is a high-quality dash cam with reasonable price point. It comes with a full HD at 1920x1080P which starts recording as soon as it catches the truck in the movement. So, you do not worry about forgetting to turn down the camera while driving.

The GPS system in the camera helps you to view the right location and locate other directions through Google maps and Bing maps with a full wide range of 170 degrees in the lens. Thus, you do not have to worry everything side of the street in your sight.

The camera has also a good-looking model with a solid construction which is aluminum and plastic materials. Cracking will not happen in the body. With a 32GB SD card, this is also an ideal storage to save all databases.

With full of unique features, we do not surprise that Falcon Zero F170HD is the best dam cam for truckers on the latest market.


  • Stylish model
  • Reasonable price
  • Simple setup and use
  • Wide angle degree
  • Lightweight camera
  • Top-notch video quality
  • Outstanding customer service


  • A little bit trouble with the light conditions
  • Not visible the controls
  • Perishable power cable

2.WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS

If you are looking for a dash camera with clear videos while you are driving, then WheelWitness HD PRO is your option. It displays high-quality videos thanks to its lenses and records (2304×1296 pixels at 30 frames per second).

Also, it has the Wide Dynamic Range technology to enable to record the clearest videos even in the dark and low light areas.

More specially, the console is inbuilt 3-inch LCD screen so that you can change or view all the recordings in a few minutes only. Even if the trucker is in the midday, the display also has full of bright images.

The screen saver is lightweight to help you save power easily as it will support the waste of power in the batteries. The battery lifespan will be last longer.

Storage capacity is not a big problem in this dash camera because the H.264 compression technology will do everything to save the memory. On the flip side, the camera also comes with a free MicroSD card (16GB). You also enable to increase the storage space up to 64GD.

There is no doubt that WheelWitness HD PRO is also the best dash cam for truckers on the market.


  • Great wide angle for high-quality videos
  • Good sound quality
  • Ease of install and use
  • Elegant looking
  • Incredible field of view
  • Professional customer service
  • Fast record


  • Difficult releasing in the removable part
  • Lack of the definition about some displayed icons
  • Not include GPS adapter

3. OldShark 3″ FHD 1080P 170 Degree Wide Angle – Best dash cam for truck drivers

OldShark 3’’ FHD 1080P also has a wide angle so that the quality of all videos will be enhanced totally. It is also rated the best dash cam for truckers with high-quality Ultra HD 1920x1080p videos at 30fps.

This product will record all details you want to on the streets or in a parking lot as well. To improve the quality of all videos recorded, the dash camera has a wide angle up to 170 degrees so that it can easy to catch at night or low light situations as well.

When having outside motions, the camera will detect automatically. The G-sensor saves the footage for many major accidents so that you are able to retrieve it easily, and you will see it later.

Another great point of this product is that it has a lifetime warranty which covers all issues equivalent to your equipment. You will “wow” for the first time to see it, and then, you are satisfied the best dash cam for truckers – OldShark 3’’ FHD 1080P.


  • Ease of insert the memory SD card to the camera
  • Fresh resolution in the daytime and the dark
  • Reasonable price point
  • High-quality videos
  • Great lifetime warranty
  • Well-made construction
  • High-end console
  • Professional customer service
  • Reasonable price range


  • Difficult understanding in the menu
  • Perishable power cable

4. REXING X300 1080P 170 Degree Wide Angle

REXING X300 is the best dash cam for truckers who always have to drive at night as it records footage in full HD at 1920x1080P. This product also comes with high-quality six glasses of a lens to increase the clear view.

More specially, the battery has been upgraded to withstand harsh temperatures and having received an accredited from PONY Lab. Whether you have to drive in the lowest temperatures (- 400F) or the highest degrees (1700F), the dash cam always withstands these weather conditions.

The product is also attachable with a mounting pad as a suction cup so that it does not prevent your view as you drive.


  • Great image and video quality for the daytime and night
  • Ease of setup
  • Extra accessories
  • High-quality camera with other accessories
  • Well-packaged
  • Quick transition from the light to the dark areas


  • Flimsy TF card slot to put into a computer or other smart devices
  • Bulky suction cup
  • Difficult turned off the indicator light

5. ITRUE X6D Dual Car Dash Cam Pro – Best dash cam for semi truck

ITRUE X6D Dual has a compact size but it is really powerful. It saves the space on your car dashboard but its size does not prevent all features to support you on the roads. The video quality is absolutely great thanks to the full HD 1920x1080P.

With double lenses system, you can operate the camera with a high resolution quickly. In other words, you have clear recordings from the front and rear cameras at the same time.

The memory card is also a great benefit that you may like so much. The 64GB MicroSD/TFT card will help you record many hours with super clear videos as well.

What’s more, you will not lose databases in the memory card because the product has the H.264 compression technology to save all.

The product also has other great features such as GPS system, auto-accident detection, Wide Dynamic Range to view at night, loop video recording, etc.


  • One-year lifetime guaranty on the hardware
  • High-quality videos in the daytime and in the dark areas
  • Ease of setup and use
  • Affordable price point
  • Decent size
  • Lightweight
  • Helpful customer service
  • Bright and clear LCD display


  • Perishable back camera
  • Not durable battery capacity
  • Lack of Wi-Fi feature

Things to consider when choosing the best dash cam for truckers

Like any electronic product, you also need to take into account some factors to check the quality before purchasing the best dash cam for truckers.

GPS feature (included or optional)

Thanks to a GPS system, drivers enable to locate the street easily and clearly. On the one hand, GPS also accelerates speed data in two kinds of forms – files or watermarks. Then, you ought to access the way through a viewer.

However, some truckers may choose a separate GPS system because they are more accurate. The overall GPS system does not support real-time map database. Therefore, you should select a GPS system with have a clear view and database.

Parking feature

Parking is also a serious problem for most of the truckers as it will have possible accidents. When parked, a dash cam will not record any database in a static area. When it finds out any movement, the dash cam begins recording. Hence, the memory card will not be full quickly.

In some cases, you will know the drivers hit your truck in the parking lot when you do not have in the cabin with a dash cam. This is a great evidence to find out the guilty persons.

Storage efficiency

We are pretty sure that all drivers do not want to buy a dash cam with limited storage. In other words, they have to buy more memory cards to put into the cam on a regular basis. Thus, purchase a dash cam with higher storage will be saved much money in a long run. On the flip side, you should reset the memory cards regularly to get excellent performance.

Video quality

Video quality is probably a crucial factor that you need to pay attention when looking for a dash cam. An excellent dash cam will display high-quality video performance. On the one hand, file size also plays a key role in the top-notch dash cam.

Lenses quality

In general, wide lenses will display higher performance, but the sharpness of the image will be decreased. Since the purpose of a cam is to record a wider background for proof purposes. Catching the larger image is much more effective than the overall quality of the video.

Heat resistance

Although a dash cam is placed on a cabin of the truck, it still withstands the outside conditions from cold to hot. The heat can cause many possible car accidents and impacts on the video quality. The best dash cam for truckers is also inbuilt the heat resistance.


You might think that a dash cam needs to have a compact size, but the best dash cam for truckers is smaller. It is simple to understand as a small camera will not attract the attention of thieves and it will be easier to save the evidence for the upcoming time.


This feature is an extra point that many drivers will love to have it on their dash cam because they can use their smart devices to access the Internet to change settings or save footage. They also use the dash cam to connect to the Internet directly. They do not have to purchase another Wi-Fi device.


A good-looking dash cam could be a great piece of furniture to your inside cabin that you do not have to pay other decorations. Additionally, the design can show all features and its function of a dash cam.


Some drivers ignore this factor while buying the best dash cam for truckers, but this feature is also helpful in case you need to read the license plates.

Furthermore, you ought to report to the authorities about some important shreds of evidence like street range, illegal racing, etc. a zooming dash camera could be crucial.

Zooming feature will become a perfect tool for truckers if it also has a flawless zooming feature to have clear recordings.

Power capacitor for a power source

Because a dash camera places near the glass that will absorb the sun ray, it also will be too hot. Thus, it is essential to have a power capacitor to protect leaking or swelling frequency of batteries in the device.

Manual button

A manual button might help you save crucial clips to review these later. You will have a clip with the cut off a careless driver that hit a smaller vehicle.

Final Words

To choose the best dash cam for truckers, you need to have a comparison. Then, you should take into account some necessary features of a dash cam. Thereafter, you need to estimate your budget before making a final decision. Do not forget to consider your desire about the features in a dash cam. Finally, you also should read some reviews from previous buyers to have a solid understanding.