Can you use 300 film in a 600 polaroid camera?

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What is 300 film?

The 300 film is also known the Polaroid 300 instant film. The instant film is a type of the photographic film, and it was introduced by Polaroid instant cameras. Polaroid is an American Cooperation which is a brand licensor. Their main portfolios are consumer electronics and eyewear products in Minnesota, US. Polaroid produced six types of film – black and white roll film, sheet film, instant film, pack film, integral film and subtractive color film. Instant camera is a type of camera that using self – developing film to create a chemically developed print shortly after taking the pictures. The film contains the chemicals that needed for developing and fixing the photo and the instant cameras expose and begin the developing process after a photo have been taken.

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300 Film

300 Film


We could not realize the difference between the Polaroid 300 film and the Fuji Instax Mini film which sold in the market because they are the same type of film. Fuji has a long history in the magnetic media from the beginning time to the mid-1950s and they introduced their own line of instant photographic products in 1980s in Japan. They started their business with the Fotorama line of cameras. The name Fotorama have been came from photograph and panorama, as the film was a wide format compared to the square Polaroid 600 films. These integral films have been developed similar to Kodak Enterprise with the back layer first. Due to the ongoing litigation between Kodak and Polaroid, this was presented a major problem for Fujifilm.



Polaroid also has a separate suit with Fujifilm and their instant film patents in Japan. When Kodak had been lost the segmentation because of suing, Fujifilm was able to collaborate with Polaroid to allow their cameras and films to remain in the market. It is provided that they have a technology sharing agreement. This allowed Fujifilm access to Polaroid’s film technology. In 2008, Polaroid did not continue produce their line products, Fuji have started to export several their products with instant cameras and film with Polaroids permission. In 2010, Fuji made a film that was branded Polaroid 300 film.



In fact, Polaroid is manufactured by Fujifilm but it was re – branded with Polaroid on the camera. Hence, they still exist in the market. The Polaroid 300 instant film is designed for Polaroid 300 camera. However, Fujifilm Instax Mini film also has the same size, they have the same ISO quality standard and it is cheaper than Polaroid 300 film. The Polaroid 300 film has the same features and specs as the Fujifilm 7s. Instead of using the Polaroid 300 film, the photographers could use the Fujifilm Instax mini films as they come with the same quality photos. Currently, the photographers can only use Instax Mini film. It is recommend that the users should buy the Fujifilm product rather than Polaroid – it is expired and it is also expensive film.

600 Polaroid camera Review

The 600 Polaroid camera is a type of amateur camera since everyone can use it. In the 1900s, the 600 Polaroid cameras were a famous style camera with a rounded body. It could be updated in the nineties, but the 600 Polaroid cameras have the same features and functions as the boxy square – bodied Polaroid camera of the eighties. The 600 Polaroid camera has been carefully redesigned and fitted with a new impossible frog tongue to protect the photos, as it will be taken out the camera.



The 600 Polaroid camera will be a great option for beginners to take the photos because it is a full automatic camera which they do not need to be concerned how to use as well as the light conditions. They can easily use point and shoot style, with a built – in automatic flash and fixed – focus lens for taking photos indoors and outdoors. The amateurs also use it smoothly which allowed the average consumer to take instant pictures quickly and easily. On the one hand, the photographers could use it fast and urgently. Most of the time, they just open and press the button on the camera. The film loading is really simple for taking. You should open the door, insert and close it in all the way. The camera has a fixed focus lens with a normal mode. Hence, the photographers can focus from infinity down to 4 feet or 1.2 meters and with close-up, they can focus as close as 0.6 m (or 2 feet).

In addition, the camera also has an exposure slider, the photographers could choose the brightness or the darkness in these photos. Therefore, the photos are very sharp. Because the 600 Polaroid is not a SLR camera, please keep in my that what you could see in the viewfinder is not what you might get. The round shape is more comfortable than the box type and it is prettier. The 600 Polaroid cameras are also known as a user – friendly camera with an intuitive and tactful model, a physical strong and solid body that fits perfectly in the palm. Although the 600 Polaroid camera has a physical strong and solid body, this is a light camera in the model, so the users could bring it easily.

Can you use the 300 film in a 600 Polaroid camera?

Polaroid 300 Instant Color Film Sheet has 2.1 x 3.4 picture size, 1.8x 2.4 image size and the 600 Polaroid camera has 3.1 × 3.1. Sizes are different and film technologies are also different, the photographers could not use the 300 film in a 600 Polaroid camera. The photographers could use the 300 (instant) film in Instax Mini cameras and Fuji Mini film in Polaroid 300 instant photo cameras.

Moreover, the photographers could use the 600 Polaroid camera in the 600 film. The users keep in mind that they are not able to use the Polaroid 300 film in a 600 (or SX/70) camera because the Polaroid 300 film will not work in a 600 camera. Before using the type of film and cameras, they should discover, study and understand them clearly.