Bonus tips of using 360 camera for beginners

So far, you’ve learned more about 360 camera cameras, their benefits and features, and useful tricks that will help you improve your photography skills easily. Throughout this chapter, I’m going to mention a few additional tips and tricks you should know about.

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Brightening and darkening photos

Although 360 camera’s have a good auto exposure mode that does it job very well, there conies the time when you will still need your image to be brighter than it really is. Brightening photos isn’t a complex task. Here’s how to do it:

Select Program mode.

Press the exposure compensation button.

Select the positive value of the compensation, e.g. +1. This means that the image will be twice as bright as it normally is. Read more at: How to use Flash led with your 360 degree camera

If you still want your image to be brighter, then start gradually increasing the compensation value, e.g. +1.5 or +2, but if you believe your photo is too bright, then opt for smaller values (still positive ones), such as +0.5 or +0.3.

Naturally, after you take the photo, you should return the compensation value back to o.

Would you like to know how to darken your photos? That’s easy. The process is the same as taking perfect sunsets or sunrises. More precisely, read the step-by-step guide for brightening photos and do the opposite; i.e., instead of positive values, enter negative values – and voila.

Taking photos at night
Night photography is quite popular, and here’s your chance to learn how to join that trend yourself. To take quality photos at nighttime, you should:

Select Manual mode.

Set the smallest value of the f-number available on your camera model.

Select a longer shutter speed to capture lights. You should start with 1 second (usually displayed as “l” on many models). Remember, when dealing with values, starting from the lowest is always a good way to go.

Keep the camera steady (you can also use a tripod for this). Take the photo. Are the lights bright enough? If you don’t think they are, then you should go for a slower shutter speed. Are the lights too bright? Then go for a fast shutter speed.