How to Blur Portrait Backgrounds in 360 camera

One of the most useful photography skills you should know is blurring portrait backgrounds. The reason is simple – taking portrait photos of different people with a 360 camera is much better than with any other type camera. You can have more knowledge to choose the best 360 camera in 2016, but understand some technique is so useful.

Everyone loves taking portrait pictures, and blurring the background makes the person in the portrait stand out. Again, let’s take the photo below as an example. The photo was taken with automatic 360  camera settings. Yes, it’s a high-quality and sharp photo, but it’s not quite what we’re looking for in a portrait. As you can see, the background is too sharp and the woman in the photo doesn’t stand out. Rather, it seems like the goal here was to take a photo of nature and she just came along.

Our aim here is to make her stand out by blurring the background behind her before we take the actual image. You’ll be happy to know that it’s easier than you think. Here’s how to do it:

Select Aperture priority mode.

Take a few steps back so that you’re not standing too close to the person whose portrait you’re about to take, but not too far either.

To accentuate the effect, you should zoom in the lens.

Select the smallest f-number available.

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Take your photo and set the mode back to Program or Auto mode.Increase the distance between the person and the background to add extra emphasis to the overall effect; therefore, the person should be somewhat close to you for a shoulders and head shot, but positioned against a distant background.

TIP: In case you’re using a kit lens to capture a portrait photo and you zoomed in, then the lowest f-number value would be about 5.6.

Here is how our portrait looks now:

As you can see, the background is blurred and the woman stands out.

Above is a short post of How to Blur Portrait Backgrounds in 360 camera, I hope that this help.