What is Lustre vs Glossy, Metallic, Matte, Silk – Review and compare

Nice day my friends, I have received a lot of messages about the question: What is the difference between Lustre vs Glossy?  What is lustre finish? To understand clearly about the pros and cons of each kind of paper print, let’s see some definition and comparison video bellow:

Lustre finish, Glossy, Metallic, Matte, Silk and Deep Matte definition and comparison


There are currently have six different finishes to choose from from arco decline it includes lustre matte glossy metallic and the recently added silk. Our last choice is the fuji deep matte paper, so let’s take a look at them!

What is Lustre Finish

First up is our lustre finish,  lustre is one of the most popular finish choices with good reason : It’s a great all-around paper choice and it has a slight sheen and an ultrafine texture coupled with accurate skin tones. The feature that I like of Lustre Finish is it can not only color saturation but also fingerprint resistance.

If there is no light, both Lustre and Glossy are well perform  like this:

Lustre vs Glossy 1

Lustre vs Glossy 1

However, when you change the angle of view. While Lustre still provide a good image quality, Glossy show a over contrast issue. In other words, Glossy is more shiny than Lustre.

Lustre vs Glossy

Lustre vs Glossy

So my opinion is: Glossy is better for black and white photos while Lustre is better for Color one.  In comparison with glossy, lustre reduce the glare and still remain the saturation & sharpness. Besides, with some simple texture, glustre have a defraction in glare, thus most suitable for weddings & portraits and some other luxury events. In a comparison of Lustre vs Glossy, Glossy look cheap and is not as professional as  Lustre is.

Glossy Finish

Next is the kodak glossy products,  glossy finish is a true gloss finish delivering high shine and impact.  It also gives super fleshtones colors are vibrant and pop from this type of paper. You can see that Glossy vs Lustre finish have different features.

Metallic finish

Next kodak metallic then during the talent paper has a unique metallic sheen to it for studying impact and depth.  It’s our most dramatic paper for sure with colors that burst right off the paper .

Matte finish

Next kodak Matte are correct matte finish is a little sheen,  has a little bit of a sheen to it but like the other product paper, it showcases amazing skin tones and beautiful colors nexus i recently added codec silk coat XL retains all the properties of the other correct papers. The only difference is the texture is a little bit different you can hear it has almost like a vinyl feel to it and finally our fuji deep matte paper has the least amount of Sheen to it it has completely lustre.
Let’s finish it gives clear white sand lends itself to softer images with softer light we hope that by showing you are six different types of paper you’ll be able to successfully choose the paper that’s right for your next project now. Do you want to know more about the comparison between Lustre and Glossy or What is Lustre finish is? If the answer is yes, continoustly watch these videos bellow:

Difference Between Matte and Lustre finish


Above is the video for difference between lustre and matte. If you want shine go for lustre,  you want this move rbut finish matte finish is the best for you. Deeper color saturation is seen in lustre, matte as more of a texture than lustre.  Matte looks dole, because it does not reflect light. Lustre has a slight loss and produces sharp images with vibrant colors.

Matte is more preferred by black and white photographers whereas lustre is used to make portraits in photos of models. If photos will be handled by many people, Matte is better as it resists fingerprints . If you are looking for finer details lustre is a better option than matte. Matte paper is cheaper than the paper used for lustre.

Glossy vs Matte vs Metallic Photo Prints Comparison

I made this video to demonstrate the difference between the different kinds of photo prints that are available on the market. At present there are three different kinds of port-au-prince content available in the market.

First, fantasy glossy one which is a very common and being since long, the other one is the matte finish and there’s a recent one with the college’s the metallic print finally got a metallic print it done by some online store in india and I thought of making a video. So this video is to demonstrate the difference between are glossy finish, matte finish and the metallic finishes.

Matte finish

First of all, I’ll show you an example of what the matte finish look like.  This is a map print and if you see in the video, it’s not it’s reflective but it’s not very reflective.  I have a CF are you going on the top and still it’s not reflecting that much and a few sheet surface and surface is kind of rough. There’s something of roughness to it and that’s what a matte finish looks like.

This is the black and white matte finish , I have up alert for backup also shorter the apple campus. This is also kind of matte finish and if you see the photo dozen with their swords and reflects a lot . It is not reflected their spot the matte finish looks like.

Glossy finish

Now, I’ll move on to the glossy finish.  If you see the photograph of this flower this flower and you see how reflective it is. If there is some politician are some plastic coating,  there’s some on top so this is what a glossy finish looks like colors and  remains him but it’s just glossy so their difference between glossy finish and matte finishes that finish is kind of rough and if you will use it with your bare hands.

I will not leave a lot of fingerprints but here in case of glossy brings,  actually a lot of fingerprints on you can you not like it. Advantage of having the glossy print is it colors and all looks gorgeous in so you have taken photographs of nature like flowers, animals . They will look great in glossy print but if you are doing any kind of your grade book it will look good and matt finish because it a lot reflect much. We’re going any kind of black and white work and the black and white book is more about illumination and light. So this is how are matte finish look .

Metallic finish

Metallic the what – the metallic metallic print is kind of glossy print but the pay per use days is your feeling as if it’s been printed on some metallic surface. So overall the print looks as it the nearest a visualization of a metallic bring for anybody would be imagined any kind of all velocities sale. Hyundai santro or atlanta looks like its kind of reflective but it’s close so there’s hardly.  A metallic print look like it has some metallic feeling because i don’t know if you can see from the video but it is reflected but it’s reflecting and it is reflecting it as well as it is blowing it is giving kind of some natural look put you see the photo as if the flowers popping out of the photo so and if you want to compare between metallic friend and glossy print and show you the difference so the difference is from video it might not be visible let me hold it like this more or less the difference between metallic print and glossy print is not much metallic train make the colors look more natural.

I think some kind of metallic luster to it additionally if you are printing any black and white photograph on metallic clang of here is my suggestion there if you’re printing any metallic black and red coat on metallic friend it will just grow out whatever highlights you have and it will give you a silvery finish so if you look at the percent and protect on on a silver sheet but the  highlights and always will be blown of it so whenever you are going for black and white printing i would suggest you to balance the fortune of such a way that the highlights and all the programs that should not have a lot of highlights street otherwise all the highlights will be blown away and the metallic print so it’s always safe to go ahead with a mac kind of things like in this case so if i would have gone for a metallic print in this kind of photograph it would have blown away all the details because they are hidden in the highlight so the the photograph without being looked at as it has been printed on some silver color metal sheet as it is the kind of shit that you use generally and address plate number plate but when it comes to the color green metallic is very very good.

Thank your for reading  Lustre vs Glossy, Metallic, Matte, Silk – What is the difference? post.  Hope that you can understand the different between them to choose the best photo print for you!


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