360 video not working on iphone 6? What should I do?

With the development of 360 degree technology, now we can watch 360 video on many kinds of device such as TV, VR headset, smartphone … But sometimes, you see that 360 video is not working on your iphone, omg, What you need to do? In this short post, I will show you how to solve this problem completely and and you can enjoy 360 video on your iphone again.

Here are some topic about their phone, browser doesn’t work with 360 video:

360 degree video doesn't work

360 degree video doesn’t work on android

360 degree video doesn't work 2

Here are some solution for you to solve the problem: 360 video not working 

+ Try to uninstall and reinstall your Youtube app: The best player to play 360 degree video is Youtube, you can try to uninstall and reinstall it again to begin. And then check your gyroscope  if it works or not by drag it on the screen or moving your phone.  If it still doesn’t work, try some other players at : 360 Degree video Player list 2016.

+ Clear your history data: You need to clear all of your data, browser history, cache to make sure that your device doesn’t keep any thing from previous session.

+360 video only work on HTML 5: Because 360 video only works on HTML 5, making sure that your current browser support 360 technology.

+Update your phone system, make sure that the ROM is compatible with 360 technology: If you are using iphone or android phone, please update to the latest version to make sure that it will support this new technology.


Conclusion: Above is a short post that help you to solve the problem : 360 video not working on iphone 6 or any anroid device like samsung s6, s7 …. I hope that my short post is beneficial for you. If you can’t solve your problem, feel free to comment here and I will come back and reply soon.


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