The Best Photography & Filming Studios in London

Finding the best photography studio in London has never been easier. London has a fantastic range of photography studios, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the finest ones. From photography studio hire in East London to West, North & South, we cover all districts and areas. Choose from one of these impressively unique London studios and rent a location for photography today, each studio is equipped with everything you’d need for a successful photoshoot.

This blog post is ideal for anyone who wants to take their photography game up a notch or make an impact on social media with high-quality photos. Check out just a few of our favorite location houses for photoshoots that we think you’ll really love.

East London Pub

The wonderful, cozy little pub in London, 99 Dalston Lane, is exactly what you require in your 90s photoshoots. This is where you come to get a sense of the public house as it was like decades ago. The best part? This pub has served the 19th century and no changes were made to it. The perfect candidate for your 19th century east London photoshoots.

East London Modern House (with bespoke furniture & rooftop views)

This bespoke East London town/apartment house is richly furnished and decorated with a variety of artworks to be used as backdrops in your photoshoots. The living room and dining area are combined in a large open-plan space. Large windows provide for ample natural light to do natural light photography.

It also houses a spectacular rooftop view overlooking the whole of East London, just in case you need to take a photoshoot to the rooftop.

The space has hooks for backdrops and is easily transformed into a studio space, with enough sockets/power outlets to accommodate large artificial lights and flashes. This home offers all you need for photography shoots, as well as having excellent transport links to central London.

Exposed Brick Loft

With excellently crafted brick walls, covered with glass on two sides of the room, Original modern beams are more of a statement piece than your average venue; perfect for loft-style photoshoots. This blank canvas studio within a former chocolate factory boasts superb daylight with cast iron red columns that provide the perfect background in any event or project imaginable!

The Exposed Brick Loft is a popular location for any type of shoot, located just minutes from London Bridge station.

Professional Recording Studio

A vintage recording studio with a plethora of antique equipment from the 1960s/1970’s: housing Large, soundproofed spaces with solid wood and soft, muted colors.

The warm, muted tones and natural wood in our studio create a beautiful look on camera. The studio has tons of vintage props available, and our lovely wood paneling always looks great on camera. Whether you need a space to film an interview, music video, or even a large commercial advertisement, we will do our very best to accommodate your project.

More music videos and live sessions have been produced in the last decades than I can recall, in addition to music documentaries, commercial advertising campaigns, photoshoots, feature films, and television shows. They also provide excellent location services such as ground-level loading, private off-street covered parking with production vehicle access, and multiroom access for larger features.

Shutterhouse Cookhouse

Set in a restored Victorian warehouse, this space is a piece of art itself. Through two big doors on the entry and two wide windows, bright natural light floods the area. Colorama’s and fabric backgrounds are easily put up with a backdrop system, Which leaves plenty of space for the crew to set up and prep. With a growing collection of props and sets, they provide you with more than just a blank background to shoot on.

All hire choices include the full utilization of our Bowen lighting system, as well as a large selection of attachments and fabric backdrops; at no extra cost.

Bloc — Autumn Street Studios

Autumn Street Studios is a music studio, event space, and film location all in one. Located at Autumn St, Bow in east London, all three of these spaces are professional level facilities that hold the potential to be a part of your next big photo shoot.

It’s quite versatile, which makes it perfect for any type of production or project you have going on at the time.

This beautiful studio provides you with three different rooms to choose from. With top-of-the-line equipment on-site, ready to be used by music professionals and clients alike, Autumn Street Studios is more than just a recording facility—it’s an entire content solution provider!

Large London Period House (with grounds & pool)

Period-style estate complete with Tudor beams and polished oak wood floors that extends over 6000 square feet (ca. 557 m²). With an exterior 100 ft (30.48 meters) driveway, parking surrounds the grounds extending to half an acre, perfect for your photoshoots some space to roam free alongside the pool!

For those looking for all of their living accommodations under one roof, this gem has six bedrooms with five luxurious amenities and a brownstone basement. Breezy windows make every room bright and spacious, while large french doors open up acres of beautiful greenery which will complement any modern-day photoshoot.

Blackout Studio, East London

Complete blackout space conveniently located in Deptford Ferry Road, East London. The Studio space is enchanting yet really sophisticated. Supports a completely dark, silent and spacious space with four large windows to give you that fresh air feel. With a 14 ft (4.27 meters) drop ceiling, two toilets, kitchen area plus an additional 12ft (3.66 meters) of space for filming.Versatile Warehouse Location 2

Situated in vibrant East London, this warehouse provides 3 different locations perfect for a range of creative rentals/activities. The venue is perfect for any photoshoot or as a film location.

They provide all the facilities needed to make your event run smoothly and create memorable experiences for both guests and organizers.

Room 1 (The Warehouse) provides 100 square meters of space which can be used as one versatile room; an exciting mix of features will make it easier than ever before to find the perfect location.

Room 2 is versatile and has aerial pole and hoop facilities that are available upon request, along with a green room area that could be set up as waiting areas for larger events. Their scaffolding tower gives you the opportunity to look down on proceedings.

Room 3 is a natural Lightroom with kitchen facilities, for your perfect natural light photoshoot.

Outset Studio — Podcast Studio in Wimbledon

Outset Studio offers a full range of useful and practical services, such as recording studios that are perfect for podcasts or filming. Whether you’re producing audio or video content, we offer the service you need to have a memorable experience in our well-equipped studio.

Grow Rooftop

Grow Rooftop isn’t just another London rooftop. Located in Hackney Wick, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking view of the region’s scenic greenery and grandeur at this awe-inspiring spot. You can take advantage of the great view and utilize it to click pictures that inspire.

Earth Theatre & Multipurpose Space

The Earth Theatre venue is located up the road in Dalston and comprises two main spaces, along with a  restaurant. On the first floor, there is a large venue with extensive theater facilities. There are two main spaces, each providing a different amount of seating and capacity. The downstairs space features intimate dining, while the upstairs is perfect for holding concerts, presentations, or recitals among many other events.

The theater has a cutting-edge PA system available making it the perfect place to sit back and enjoy a fun-filled experience, with some of your favorite artists in an immersive space that is both fun and enjoyable.

The Earth Theatre is conveniently located near to London’s developing East End and is just a stone’s throw from the city.

Converted Lightship (with onboard recording studio)

A professional recording studio on a 550-tonne ship, permanently moored at Trinity Buoy Wharf, East London, near the O2.

The onboard recording studio features a unique array of vintage instruments and equipment, creating the perfect environment for any event. Evoking a great, new chapter in London’s culture after coming from Shore ditch with audio, lighting, and production on the same level as some best-in-class venues in Europe. Converted Lightship is characterized by an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly, but at the same time glamorous and high-minded.


We hope you enjoyed this list of the best photography & filming locations & studios in London. We’re certain these locations will not disappoint your or  your production crew, they are well established shoot locations for a reason and continue to be iconic locations for London shoots. We hope these studios help you to create some amazing photographic & cinematographic art!